The most caring and altruistic human I know

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3 most important lessons I learned from Mom and ways in which these things impacted my life.

Lesson #1: My mom is an incredibly generous person I’ve ever known.

I’ve learned to be generous and kind observing her.

Being generous may seem hard, but in the long run, it always outweighs any short term greed.

Generosity has paid me back ten folds time and time again in whatever I do. Nobody believes it, until they experience it for themselves.

Lesson #2: The most caring and altruistic human I know is my mom.

Since Jan 2016, my dad is battling to recover from hemorrhagic stroke which paralyzed him. He had a brain surgery so he cannot work and needs intense care all day.

My mom’s responsibilities have doubled. She is not only playing her role but also taking over dad’s responsibilities on her shoulders.


Supporting a family of five in a metropolitan city (Mumbai – India’s largest city) is a serious job. The way she manages everything is incredible.

It’s a constant surprise how she does so much every day without complaining. I strive to be just like her. ♥

Lesson #3: The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so try to make yourself as interesting as possible.❞

The first person who introduced me to this quote is my mom.

“Not all your friends will be forever with you. You’ll meet many temporary people in your life that are just meant to be your friend for that particular time in your life. So focus on being the best at what you do and help as many people as humanly possible without being a doormat.”—Rohan’s mom.

This inspired me to create my own personal role model – ‘Myself’.

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