About Us

Message of the Founder and Chairman – Dr. Boy R. Abunda, Jr.

Boy Abunda

As it was in the past years, 2016 proved once again that the greater the challenge we faced, the higher we were able to rise above our own concerns and met the needs of our fellowmen. This is one of the lessons I have learned through the initiatives and advocacies of the Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation, Inc.

With each obstacle we faced, we overcame. With every problem we encountered, we found a creative solution. And with every setback, we learned a lesson. And in the end we survived, we thrived, and we continue to serve.

Much of this has only been possible because of the support of many generous friends and benefactors. They have been the iron backbone of many of the foundation’s efforts. These ae the people without whom we would not have achieved so much in so short a time. It is to them that we owe many of our successes, and we are grateful!

In 2016, we continued with the projects that we began early in the life of MYNP. And now they are slowly bearing fruit. Through the tireless efforts of the staff and volunteers of MYNP, the landscape of mother-loving communities has become richer through such projects as The Best Nanay Awards 2016, SineNanay Festival 2016, the MYNP BJMP engagement with liberty-deprived women and mothers, MYNP Soup Kitchen, and MYNP Outreach Program, among others.

I believe that by taking these small steps in the journey of making people become more aware of “making their nanays proud,” we are hopefully starting a movement that would someday help create a better society.

We want people to remember how our mothers nursed us, cared for us, and showered us with unconditional love. They who comforted us when lightning and thunder raged on those stormy nights. They who taught us our letters, and read us our bedtime stories. They who shaped what would become our values and our dreams. They who are our roots, as we are the branches and the leaves.

In the years to come we hope to continue with our work. Through whatever adversity or challenge, we will keep on reminding people to honor their parents by bringing out the best of who they are and the best that they can be.

While we are a small organization, we have big dreams and aspirations. But as I always say, with maternal love, nothing is impossible.


Message of the President – Mr. Mike Sicat

Mike Sicat

Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation Incorporated is now on its fourth year, and like a child, it has learned to walk even if a bit awkward and talk stuttering at times. But I am proud of this child, and happy to do my part in making it grow.

The year 2016 has been challenging, but we met the challenges with the full force of our conviction that MYNP has a role to play. I still marvel at how our projects could put a wide smile on a mother’s face, or deepen the already deep bond between mother and child.

All of our projects were done with dedication and zeal by our team that is lean but mean, mightily dedicated to the task at hand. I did not know that corporate social responsibility could be so rewarding, not just to the receiver but also to the giver, for both are enriched by the gift of grace and generosity. I have always attended each and every activity of MYNP not because I am expected to, but because I want to. My spirit is lifted by the sight of so much love, coming from those who first gave us life, and who continues to love us.

My friends continue to join me in this healing and uplifting activity of working for MYNP. It is not a burden on our shoulders but what the poet said, “an expanse of the soul.” It makes us happy, this glow of gladness coming from working with and for MYNP. The years to come will not be easy, but altogether, linked by love, all the challenges will fall to the wayside, clearing a path of growth for all of us.

Thank you for helping us make our Nanays proud.


Executive Summary

“Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.”
~Kahlil Gibran

Every year, the activities of the Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation Inc., (MYNP) just keep getting bigger and bigger. Naturally, the work also gets even more difficult and tedious with each passing year.

If I viewed my Managing Director post as “just work,” I would be alarmed by our high success rate because it means extra work, greater efforts, longer hours, more sacrifices, and ultimately, it requires more and demands more from me. But I do not consider my duties here at MYNP as “just work”, but a labor of love.

When one truly loves what he or she does, one neither tires nor gets daunted by the obstacles and the immensity of the work ahead. Instead, one sees it as a sworn duty, because when one loves, one cannot be restrained and one cannot play safe. When one loves, one does it so grandly, because love takes hold of ordinary people and catapults them to higher levels.

Such is the case with MYNP— our fervent love for our purpose catapults us to lofty heights and farther distances – all for the love of our Nanays, and for the quest to make them proud. In 2016, our circles expanded, our believers multiplied, our partners increased, and the amount of work we did also became more extensive.

For example, on its third year, the MYNP Best Nanay Awards 2016 saw the biggest nomination by far. Around 630 entries from all parts of the country poured in. Our panel of experts and our evaluators gave their most precious time to determine our final 10 awardees, and it was a very challenging job. Ultimately, the final 10 were honored with a grand fete at The Legend Villas. As our founder, Tito Boy Abunda Ph.D. said that night, we must never stop talking about our Nanays being the Best Nanay.

Now on its second year, the SineNanay Film Festival 2016 Short Film Competition also saw an incredible growth spurt. It was opened to students from different schools, colleges and universities in Metro Manila, and the response was overwhelming. The board received a record-breaking 120 entries in the initial stage. The process was no walk in the park, as experts deliberated to come up with a short list of 20 entries, and then the final 10 entries.

The SineNanay was more than just a competition; it was also a learning opportunity for the young filmmakers as they received instructions, feedback, and mentorship from professionals in the field. Artistic talents and the love for our Nanays glowed during the Awards Night, and young and budding filmmakers beamed with pride—with most of them attending with their Nanays, the real stars of the night.

Each one can do something to make our Nanays proud. This year, MYNP launched a photo campaign in time for Mother’s Day. This activity showed that maternal love is indeed a force that can nurture the leadership qualities of Filipinos for social transformation, It makes us all aware that no matter who we are and what station we have in life, we can make our Nanays proud, and this is shown by the 164 photos submitted for the compilation. While we’re at photos with Nanay, our partners from Great Image Studio also took to the cameras to tell the stories of their Nanays.

The #MeetMyNanay photo campaign was a resounding success, with over 1000 photos submitted. A grand awards ceremony, along with a photo exhibit of the entries was held at the SM Megamall Atrium as well. Our partners at Great Image also donated PHP20.00 for each photo submitted to the foundation.

Moreover, the MYNP has also been doing active research and over the years. It has compiled secondary resources and materials on mothers and other relevant issues. With our founding Chairman Dr. Boy Abunda completing his doctorate degree with a thesis on mothers, we felt it was but proper to be a repository of materials for those who wish to take on the same academic path with their own research on mothers. As of December 28, 2016, the team has so far collated 169 mother/ nanay-related topics.

For Mother’s Day, MYNP also had two separate outreach programs in collaboration with our partners from the Department of Social Welfare and
Development (DSWD) through Atty. Germaine Leonin and McDonalds. The first one was done last May 06, 2016 at Brgy. 902, Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila. A hundred (100) pairs of Nanay and child received McDonald’s Meals. The participants also listened to a talk by Atty. Leonin on Women and Mother-Friendly Laws. The second one was held last May 13, 2016 at Brgy. 80, Zone 7, City of Caloocan. We are very blessed to have willing partners and great individuals who help us go farther in our reaches, all for the love of our Nanays.

As our Chairman Dr. Boy Abunda has always stressed, it is important to continue talking about our Mothers and to further the dialogue and the discourses in our community. Advocacies are never “stand-alone” and we are all connected to each other’s causes. After being invited to be a part of the Ateneo de Manila’s TedTalk, our Chairman was again the resource speaker during the St. Jude College Manila-Psycheducare Society’s Socio-Political Forum held on Nov. 24, 2016 at the Cinema 4 of SM City Manila. Dr. Abunda’s topic was entitled “Why Can’t We Have a Gay President?” Students from all over the Metro attended the talk, after which a donation to the MYNP was given by St. Jude College Manila.

Moreover, MYNP’s “Libreng Sine para sa mga Nanay at mga Miyembro ng LGBT Community” continued with a block screening of the movie, “The Third Party” at the Dolphy Theater, ABS-CBN last October 22, 2016. Other than being an opportunityfor mothers and the LGBT members to unwind and relax, the free film viewing also raised the issues of alternative “mothering” and the link between the LGBT advocacy and MYNP’s advocacy on mothers. It was an enriching interface as audience members talked about the implications of the film after the showing.

It cannot be stressed enough that our partners have been wonderful collaborators, and are essential in our mission for MYNP. In 2016 we were honored and happy to have done projects with our existing partners, and we welcomed our new partners as well. We had activities with FilMo for their 3rd Charity Retreat in Barangay Libas, Tacloban, Leyte, where 175 children received school supplies last April 01, 2016.

We also forged partnerships with Goodah!!! where a donation was made to MYNP for every meal purchased. MYNP was also part of EXPO MOM at the Glorietta Activity Center last April 29, 2016. Genesis Transport also linked up with MYNP for their latest campaign, “Byaheng Proud Nanay, Trip Namin ni Nanay.” Generika also continued their support for MYNP with their generous donation for our activities. Our media and press partners also showed increased support with coverage, articles and write-ups that featured what we do here at MYNP.

If the number of pages alone for this Executive Summary is the basis for our growth in 2016, we could already proudly say that our accomplishments are
monumental. As I have said at the outset, more work means more effort and more energy is required from us, which of course leads to more time poured in and a higher level of commitment. But we cannot complain, we are in fact pleased and proud, and we welcome more growth opportunities and more activities for 2017, because, all of these are labors of love.

At times our work may seem too formidable because the tasks are herculean and never ending, but we persevere because of our love for what we do, which is to make our Nanays proud.

With that, I give thanks for all that was in 2016, and with your love and support buoying us up, we are look forward to 2017 ready to do bigger and greater things. Challenging as this may seem, we know that our love for our Nanays will help us find ways and means to do so. As the great “imaginer” Walt Disney simply puts it, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Mabuhay!


MYNP Managing Director



The MYNP Creed

section1-imageMYNP believes that a child’s love for his or her mother is one of the most powerful transformative forces in Filipino society. With this love, everything is Possible.

MYNP holds that any person regardless of age, social status, or gender who bears genuine love for his/her mother will always want to honor her and make her proud by doing right and by being the best that he or she can be.

MYNP believes that loving Nanay is tantamount to loving Tatay and every member of the family.

MYNP dedicates itself to building communities that celebrate and honor diversity, tolerance, love, courage, industry, patience, forgiveness, honesty, justice, positivism and possibilitism – one family at a time.

MYNP embraces the truth that everyone in this world is a child of his/her mother.  MYNP believes in loving and serving our motherland like we love and serve our mothers.

It is a civic organization of loving Filipinos who love their mothers and who want to honor them by helping themselves, others, their communities and the country.




What is MYNP?


  • The MYNP is run by a 7-member Executive Committee (EXECOM) to be headed by its founder, Boy Abunda.
  • There is a 15-member advisory council, known as the The Council of Advisers. This shall provide guidance on matters concerning the organization. The founder of MYNP will sit as Chairman of the Board.
  • Membership to the MYNP is through the invitation of the EXECOM or the founder.

What is the Scope of MYNP?

MYNP is a nationwide organization, with Families to be established in key cities around the country. These families will operate semi-autonomously from the EXECOM, especially on local matters and issues.

The Heads-of-Families shall initially be selected through a personal invitation by the organization’s founder. They shall serve for one year, after which elections will be held to determine who will head the family. Other officers shall likewise be determined in the same manner by the members of the family.

MYNP participation in programs and activities may be as (a) Program Implementor, (b) Partner Agency or (c) Program Supporter.

All programs shall require prior approval from the EXECOM.

Further guidelines on the selection and implementation for programs shall be formulated by the EXECOM.


What are the activities & projects of MYNP?

MYNP shall focus on the following priority programs and initiatives:


  1. Inspirational talks, community engagements with supporters and all mother-lovers.
  2. Book launch of the Make Your Nanay Proud book – a compilation of poems, reflections, anecdotes, musings, stories, photos and artworks that answered the question: “How do you make your Nanay proud?”
  3. Primary Projects
    • Best Nanay Awards
    • SineNanay Festival
    • MYNP-BJMP Engagement with Liberty-Deprived Mothers & Women
    • Soup Kitchen Project
    • Gift-Giving Project
    • Outreach Project
    • Tulong Kay Nanay Project
    • Research on Mothers/Motherhood
    • MYNP Classrooms
    • MYNP Talk Express
  4. Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Pablo Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Mario and Oplan Bulig
  5. MYNP testimonial compilations to celebrate our love for our mothers.
  6. Livelihood enhancement and micro-entrepreneurship programs for mothers in Eastern Samar.
  7. Support for abandoned mothers/children.
  8. Maternal health and well-being.


Who is qualified to be a member of MYNP?

Anyone who is a child of his/her mother may be invited to be a member.



  • Boy Abunda – Chairman/Founder
  • Mike Sicat – President
  • Nini Borja – Vice President
  • Gasper Gozo – Secretary General
  • Atty. Wendell Dimaculangan – Corporate Secretary
  • Aileen Robles – Treasurer
  • Bemz Benedito – Managing Director



  • Washington Sycip (Senior Adviser)
  • Miguel Belmonte
  • Tessa Prieto-Valdez
  • Emil Yap
  • Boy So
  • Robert Bernardo
  • JoanneZapanta-Andrada
  • Katrina Enrile
  • Bobby Garcia
  • Tony Tuviera
  • Martin Concio
  • Jason Buensalido
  • Mark Gan
  • Willy Ocier