About Us

Message of the Founder and Chairman – Mr. Boy Abunda

Boy AbundaWith love, we shall brave even the deepest waters. Duc In Altum – Go into the deep!

2015 was not an easy year for MYNP. There were challenges both internal and external that tested our fortitude and determination. But nobody said that it was going to be a walk in the park to sustain a foundation built around the concept of making our nanays proud. It was like diving into the deep blue sea. But as I always say, with maternal love, everything is possible.

In 2015, we did various projects that carved our modest niche in the social development landscape in terms of creating mother-loving communities thru our Make Your Nanay Proud Book, SineNanay Festival 2015, Best Nanay Awards 2015, MYNP-BJMP Engagement with liberty-deprived women and mothers, MYNP Soup Kitchen, Tulong Kay Nanay Project, Radyo Balintataw Text Tula Partnership, MYNP Outreach Projects, Engagements with mother-LGBT, Listening Sessions with Mothers and stakeholders, and a compilation of research materials and articles on motherhood. Everything was made possible because of the kindness of friends and strangers – all mother loving people. I am forever grateful to them.

In 2016, we hope to inspire and help others to make their own nanays proud. Together we shall make the world a kinder place.

We will continue to listen to mothers. We will continue to engage children of mothers in conversations on how best we can make mothers proud. We will continue to engage others to help us do our various projects. We will continue to explore programs that will make MYNP relevant. We will continue to be the best in all that we do and in all that we are.

We will continue to shout to the world of millennials and “centennials” that making our nanay proud is “EPIC and COOL”.


Message of the President – Mr. Mike Sicat

Mike SicatThey say that when you open yourself to chance, you will find yourself transformed and your life will never be the same. I am a testament to this. Three years ago, a very good friend of mine, Mr. Boy Abunda, talked to me, on an off chance, about his idea for an organization that seeks to honor our mothers and make them proud by being the best that we could be. I was convinced by Boy’s passion and I know him to be dedicated to his work, and so, I agreed. And as the old adage goes, the rest is history, and it has been one wonderful journey of realization and discovery for me.

Being the business person that I am, the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ has always been just a concept or an idea to me. When we started Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation Inc., the then abstract concept became clearer to me, and I have enjoyed every single step of the journey, and never once doubted nor looked back. Friends and colleagues have been congratulating me for the successful merging of business and purpose of giving back to the community, but no accolade can compare to the warmth and smiles of the mothers that I meet in the many activities of MYNP. I attended a few activities at first, and I felt the warmth of what we really do. From then on, I would not miss any activity, for the world.

Like a true mother, MYNP is like a parent to me. While I know I give myself to loving it, it also teaches me back. It has taught me invaluable lessons that can only be taught the way a mother does – strict and disciplinarian at times, but with loving and good hearted measures. Like a mother, it is proud of me, as I am proud of it, but can also be demanding and consuming. But at the end of the day, like a good mother-son relationship, everything is done in love and true concern. I have found my sense of purpose and I resolve to continue doing this, to the utmost of my strengths and days.

I am thankful for everyone I met in this journey. Some of them, former business partners, have now become journey-mates, and very good comrades. The journey has been so much wonderful because of all of them. I look forward to more of them joining us as we move further on towards another year of Making Our Nanay Proud.

Like a good mother, in the end, what we really seek is that soft caress as we lay our heads on her lap, a kiss on the forehead, and the words we long to hear – “magaling anak, proud si Nanay sa iyo.”


Executive Summary

The year 2015 has been a most fruitful year for us here at Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation, Inc. I am pleased to preface this report of accomplishments by way of an introduction to what the hard working men and women of MYNP Inc. and our partners have done for the year that was.

Our continuing projects have been nothing but resounding success. This year, our 2nd Best Nanay Awards saw a bumper crop of Nanays, all sterling models of motherhood, and more, without regard for social standing or class. It was a fitting tribute for our awardees, and also for all the Nanays and those making their Nanays Proud among the audience.

Our MYNP engagement with liberty-deprived mothers and women program not only continued to help our recipients, but also touched our hearts and gave us the needed pay off to keep doing what we do. The same is true with our MYNP Soup Kitchen in many areas. Truth be told, instead of us feeding them with what little we can, they in turn fed and nurtured our hearts and our spirits more than we did them.

The 1st Sine Nanay Film Festival showcased student film making, and became a venue for stories and storytelling. The films told stories about motherhood, family, breaking mounds and traditional roles and stereotypes. It is indeed an artistic and eye opening avenue that we hope to continue in many more years to come.

2015 also saw the successful run of our Make Your Nanay Proud Book. It landed on the top 5 of the Best Selling books in National Bookstore, and it was well received. What is more important is that the book showed us, men and women, no matter how low or well placed in society, and no matter how great or humble the achievements, they look at one shining inspirational person in their lives – their Nanays. Truly, it was not just a bestselling book, it was an inspiration.

Of course, not to forget, are the many other activities we also conducted this year. Our Soup Kitchen, our Listening Sessions with the mothers and stakeholders in our community, our livelihood program for Borongan City, Eastern Samar, our recognition of outstanding graduating students, our Medical Mission with Generika and Go Moncada Advance, our Radyo Balintataw Text Tula, our partnership with JP Morgan Chase for mother-LGBT child day, our several partnerships to individuals and organizations in our Outreach Projects (personally assisted by our beloved founding chairman) and our Tulong Kay Nanay Project, all in their own ways sought to address gaps and further widen Make Your Nanay Proud’s commitment to our organization’s purpose and goals. We envision to increase our programs and widen our reach, as much as we can, with the help of course of our partners, and would be future partners.

With the many milestones and the activities that MYNP has done this year, we rest not on our laurels but continue to resolve to do better and reach wider fields and touch more lives. We want to continue putting the message out there, true to our mission and vision, that indeed, we should live our lives as testament to the greatness of and in thanksgiving to our mothers. With the support and warm generosity of our sponsors and partners and the dedication of our staff and compatriots we are assured that we are on the right track. Humble as they may be, our achievements for the year 2015 is a cause for celebration, and we invite you to join us, our partners, to partake in the cheers for our success, as well as to reaffirm our commitments to our cause. Mabuhay! Let us all continue to Make Our Nanays Proud!


MYNP Managing Director


The MYNP Creed

section1-imageMYNP believes that a child’s love for his or her mother is one of the most powerful transformative forces in Filipino society. With this love, everything is Possible.

MYNP holds that any person regardless of age, social status, or gender who bears genuine love for his/her mother will always want to honor her and make her proud by doing right and by being the best that he or she can be.

MYNP believes that loving Nanay is tantamount to loving Tatay and every member of the family.

MYNP dedicates itself to building communities that celebrate and honor diversity, tolerance, love, courage, industry, patience, forgiveness, honesty, justice, positivism and possibilitism – one family at a time.

MYNP embraces the truth that everyone in this world is a child of his/her mother.  MYNP believes in loving and serving our motherland like we love and serve our mothers.

It is a civic organization of loving Filipinos who love their mothers and who want to honor them by helping themselves, others, their communities and the country.



What is MYNP?


  • The MYNP is run by a 7-member Executive Committee (EXECOM) to be headed by its founder, Boy Abunda.
  • There is a 15-member advisory council, known as the The Council of Advisers. This shall provide guidance on matters concerning the organization. The founder of MYNP will sit as Chairman of the Board.
  • Membership to the MYNP is through the invitation of the EXECOM or the founder.

What is the Scope of MYNP?

MYNP is a nationwide organization, with Families to be established in key cities around the country. These families will operate semi-autonomously from the EXECOM, especially on local matters and issues.

The Heads-of-Families shall initially be selected through a personal invitation by the organization’s founder. They shall serve for one year, after which elections will be held to determine who will head the family. Other officers shall likewise be determined in the same manner by the members of the family.

MYNP participation in programs and activities may be as (a) Program Implementor, (b) Partner Agency or (c) Program Supporter.

All programs shall require prior approval from the EXECOM.

Further guidelines on the selection and implementation for programs shall be formulated by the EXECOM.


What are the activities & projects of MYNP?

MYNP shall focus on the following priority programs and initiatives:


  1. Inspirational talks, community engagements with supporters and all mother-lovers.
  2. Book launch of the Make Your Nanay Proud book – a compilation of poems, reflections, anecdotes, musings, stories, photos and artworks that answered the question: “How do you make your Nanay proud?”
  3. Primary Projects
    • Best Nanay Awards
    • SineNanay Festival
    • MYNP-BJMP Engagement with Liberty-Deprived Mothers & Women
    • Soup Kitchen Project
    • Gift-Giving Project
    • Outreach Project
    • Tulong Kay Nanay Project
    • Research on Mothers/Motherhood
    • MYNP Classrooms
    • MYNP Talk Express
  4. Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Pablo Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations
    • Typhoon Mario and Oplan Bulig
  5. MYNP testimonial compilations to celebrate our love for our mothers.
  6. Livelihood enhancement and micro-entrepreneurship programs for mothers in Eastern Samar.
  7. Support for abandoned mothers/children.
  8. Maternal health and well-being.


Who is qualified to be a member of MYNP?

Anyone who is a child of his/her mother may be invited to be a member.



  • Boy Abunda – Chairman/Founder
  • Mike Sicat – President
  • Nini Borja – Vice President
  • Gasper Gozo – Secretary General
  • Atty. Wendell Dimaculangan – Corporate Secretary
  • Aileen Robles – Treasurer
  • Bemz Benedito – Managing Director



  • Washington Sycip (Senior Adviser)
  • Miguel Belmonte
  • Tessa Prieto-Valdez
  • Emil Yap
  • Boy So
  • Robert Bernardo
  • JoanneZapanta-Andrada
  • Katrina Enrile
  • Bobby Garcia
  • Tony Tuviera
  • Martin Concio
  • Jason Buensalido
  • Mark Gan
  • Willy Ocier



  • Dex Macaldo – Project Officer
  • Michelle S. Fabunan – Admin Officer