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Life stands still for many women and girls in India during their period

      By Angela Dewan, CNN May 28, 2018   Menstrual Hygiene Day underscores stigma holding women back 04:30 (CNN)They’re skipping school, they’re excluded from sports and they’re shunned from places of worship — once a month, at least, when they’re menstruating. For many women and girls in India, even talking about periods is taboo, and a lack of access to sanitary products means life comes to a standstill for a few days every month.   The Myna Mahila Foundation is trying to change that. The organization employs 15 local women from Mumbai slums to make sanitary pads, while another…

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More Than Half of Women Feel Ashamed of their Periods, Finds Survey

https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/women-periods-ashamed-menstruation-half-survey-a8143416.html OLIVIA PETTER @oliviapetter1 Friday 5 January 2018 One in five women have felt period shame because of comments made by male friends Periods are a natural part of being female and yet, a new poll has revealed that more than half of women feel embarrassed by them. In a survey commissioned by feminine hygiene company Thinx, 58 per cent of women admitted to feeling ashamed when they menstruate. Researchers examined perceptions of periods in the US by polling 1,500 women and 500 men. They found that 42 per cent of female participants had experienced period-shaming, with comments mostly coming…

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