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A Mother Teaches her Kids not to be a Slave of Money

SOURCE: https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/parenting/real-parenting/my-family-was-a-slave-to-money-how-i-am-trying-not-to-do-the-same-to-my-kids-a1738-20180211-lfrm?ref=home_feed_1 One day, many years ago, I fetched my firstborn from preschool and was surprised to find her crying as she got into our car.  Apparently, two of her classmates mocked her, calling her, “Poor!  Poor!” Unlike them who were fetched by different cars every day, my daughter was only fetched by one car, driven by me. My daughter was crying because she did not understand what poor was, a word we never used at home. “Mama, what’s poor?” “It’s hard to explain in words, palangga,” I gently answered as I drove, all the while racking my brains on how…

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Single Mothers: Different Faces, Same Struggles

Inspirational stories from single mothers of various circumstances Patty Pasion @pattypasion May 14, 2017 https://www.rappler.com                                                              SINGLE MOMS. The Federation of Solo Parents estimates that there are                                                                        around 20 million Filipino kids being raised by single…

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