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Things Parents Should Never Post on Social Media

February 5, 2018 While posting photos of our children on social media may seem harmless, there are a number of things parents should keep in mind.           Not so long ago, sharing a photo or a video of our children meant loading it onto a computer and sending it by email, or putting              it onto a CD. That sounds unbearably tedious nowadays, but of course, it used to be even more complicated.  Today, with social media, sharing photos and videos of our children with family and friends has become so much…

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To Post or Not to Post? These Moms Say It’s Your Wall, Your Rules

SOURCE: https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/parenting/real-parenting/to-post-or-not-to-post-a1741-20180311-lfrm In this day and age, parents can capture almost everything their kids do: Cute smile, adorable first words, grades in school, beautiful OOTDs, and a whole lot more. This treasure trove gets stored in our phones, computers and electronic gadgets, of course. But more often than not it finds its way first on our social media for our family and friends to see.  Whenever there’s a cute photo or a funny video of my baby that I want to share on social media, I ask myself to post or not to post? In my heart, I want to shout…

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The Role of Social Media in Women Empowerment

Natashya GutierrezNatashya Gutierrez @natashya_g Rappler May 17, 2017 Social media has swiftly, and widely spread feminism ideologies. Hashtags and online campaigns have given women around the world a voice. Social media has shed light on women’s issues not covered by mainstream media.       This text was delivered as a speech on Tuesday, May 16, at the #SheForShe forum of the French Embassy in the Philippines during the “Women Empowerment through the Media” section. The forum highlights different initiatives of women supporting other women in various fields, and explores the current situation of women in the Philippines. A few years…

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