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Hundreds of Mothers Attended a Mass Breastfeeding Event in the Philippines

By CASEY QUACKENBUSH  11:15 PM EDT http://time.com/5358364/philippines-breastfeeding-child-deaths/ Mothers participate in a breastfeeding event in Manila on Aug. 5, 2018.  Noel Celis—AFP/Getty Images Hundreds of Filipino mothers participated in a government-backed mass-breastfeeding event, publicly nursing their children in an effort to combat child deaths, AFP reports. The annual event drew more than 1,500 women to a Manila stadium where the moms breastfed their children in support of a public campaign to get more women to feed their babies breast milk over formula. “It’s an empowering moment,” Joyce Balido, 29, a first-time mother, told AFP. “It was very difficult to establish a milk supply at first….

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